Photo a Day – Day 16 

After a wonderful weekend away with some friends to the Vaal Dam, it was back to work today in what I can only describe as synonymous to being dunked into a pail of freezing, icy water.


Regardless, it was so good to just have some time away from Johannesburg for a bit, even though the accommodation was more dodgy than I usually appreciate, the mosquitoes treated me as an all you can eat buffet and waaay too much beer and Southern Comfort and Lime was consumed over the course of two days.


I did think that there would be some more opportunities for some great photos over the weekend, but with the Vaal Dam being only at 52% capacity, the environment was rather depressing and you can really see the effects of the drought.


My photo for today is another old one, this was taken at Mission Bay in Auckland, New Zealand, and I managed to capture the couple below, frolicking on the beach. I love how it’s pretty candid and I think it makes the photo a little bit more interesting, and the other thing I found on this photo, is that the Drama filter does not work on it at all. In editing, putting the drama filter on made it look hellishly ominous and rather sad and depressing.


So I edited in Snapseed, worked with a vignette and enhanced the colours a bit while adding some grain. It’s not my best, but it is another practice in editing and trying to pass.


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and a great week ahead. As always, any critique and comments are always very welcome.


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