Photo a Day – Day 15

So, I’ve slipped up. I’ve missed two days of posts and feel rather terrible about it, but, in my defense, I was in rural Africa (technically), and had zero cellphone coverage. So, to make up, I’ll be doing multiple posts over the next few days to ensure that I reach my 366 photos for this year. 
The important thing for me right now though, is to not stop because I’ve missed a day or two, which is a trap that I always fall into. 
So being at the dam this weekend, I was hoping that there would be some great photo opportunities, but somehow, it kind of didn’t work out that way, and I walked away from the weekend with only one photo that I actually liked:

I loved this tree, out in the open and really just a lovely looking tree. I went more technical on this photo and tried quite hard with the composition, and think it came out okay. It’s by no means my favourite photo ever, but it is a practice photo, and that I’m happy with.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, now it’s time for some Netflix and not moving from my couch 🙂 


12 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Day 15

  1. This is a nice photograph. I can relate to your situation- I missed posting yesterday as I was travelling. But the important thing like you say is to carry on and not get bogged down because you missed a day or two. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment, and stopping by. I think as long as I have 366 photos by the end of the year that have taught me something every day, I’ll be happy, regardless of their frequency.

    1. Thank you very much, I just saw it on a proper screen, not just a phone screen, and quite like the effect 🙂 Thanks for popping in and commenting.

  2. I like this photo too-and I am glad to hear that you are going to push on–a photo a day can be daunting in the best of situations-much less ones where the universe seems to have forgotten about you on that day-I know for me, the important thing I took away from the first time I did this exercise was that I was now more aware of my world and its photographic possibilities-it sort of lessens the pressure–at least for me-Good luck going forward!

    1. Thanks so much for the awesome comment. I’m finding that I have some trouble with time during the day to go out and take some photos, and I’m a bit afraid that might be my downfall on this. However, to counteract that, I’m going to try and take as many photos on off days and work with the best from those times.

      Thanks for popping in and the comment 🙂

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