Photo a Day – Day 14

Another absolutely mad day in the office and thank goodness it’s all ove…. Wait, I’m still in the office, aren’t I?


The made multiple hour day really is starting to drive me a little bit dilly, and I am quite literally counting down the hours until we get to the weekend! BF and I are driving down to the Vaal Dam to a Yacht Club for one of our friends’ 30th Birthday weekends, and I am quite literally vomiting rainbows out of excitement.


One of the biggest reasons for the excitement though is that I will be able to actually have 2 days of no work, where I can explore and finally take some photos! Fresh ones! Can you even?


My photo for today is another one from our New Zealand trip. I’m actually not 100% sure where we were with this one, but we were driving through a forest, which never happens in South Africa, so photos were at the order of the day.

I don’t think technically that there is much to look at here, but I do love what the photo is about, and that is, travelling and not being at work for a change.


I hope everyone has a fabulous day, wherever you are, and as always, critique is always welcome.



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