Photo a Day – Day 8

Ah, off days. Little gems of happiness interspersed between the craziness that is my day to day work life. I love my job, I really do, but it can be rather all consuming and takes up a helluva lot of time everyday.
I started my day today by not starting it. After BF went to work, I crawled straight back into bed with my Terry Pratchet novel and loved every moment of Granny Weatherwax being absolutely delicious. 
I went for a run, got the makings of a Thai Yellow Curry for dinner this evening, and now I am completely prostrate on the couch watching Netflix and waiting for the rain. This is also the theme of my picture today. Probably about 40 kilometers away, I can see a storm moving in, and it looks like it could be an epic one. 
We’re in day 5 of a heatwave and the plan is for this storm to unleash wind, rain and a shattering blow to the seemingly never ending heat that has gripped Johannesburg.

Or that’s the plan at any rate.
I’m back at work again tomorrow, but being a Saturday, might use my time to explore the gardens around the office for some interesting photographs to post. 


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