Photo a Day – Day 7

So this is starting to run the risk of looking more like a travel blog than necessarily a photography blog, but having had a week straight out of hell  (at least temperature wise),  time has been limited to take any good photos during the day.
So my picture for the day is from our three day stopover in Hong Kong on the way to New Zealand, and that’s another kind of heat that I’ll be happy to not experience again. Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities I’ve been to, and the evidence in that is certainly the 23 kilometers we walked a day. 
It was noisy, hot, busy and completely overwhelming, and I loved it. For three days. Not much more, because I would go stir crazy in the end.

Would I do Hong Kong again? Maybe. As a holiday? Probably not. Forget it? There’s no way. 
Hope everyone had a fabulous day, I have an off day tomorrow, so some exploring will be at the top of my priority list. 


6 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Day 7

  1. Nice picture and thanks for the interesting insights! Hongkong is on my list for a short trip for sure, but it’s definitely no holiday destination 🙂

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