Photo a Day – Day 4 (Macrophotography)

The whole of Johannesburg has arrived back in the city with a bang, and my goodness, what a bang it’s been.


I’ve been running pillar to post the whole day, really not knowing if I’m Arthur, Martha, Adam or Steve.


A day of utter madness however did allow for a brief smoke break late in the afternoon, where I grabbed my lenses and started looking for my subject for the day.


Our offices are a converted house in an old part of the city, and normally around this time of year, we would have an incredible, beautiful, lush environment to come to work to every day.


This year, however, we are experiencing a drought and a near constant heatwave, meaning that everything is rather bleak, brown and dreary. It did however mean that I managed to capture this guy with my Macro Lense. It’s not a happy photo, it’s a sad photo, because it just shows what all the plants in Johannesburg are starting to look like, and in that, what a bleak time we have ahead of us.

Regardless though, it is the first Macrophoto that I have been able to get my subject really clearly in focus and have the great background fade effect.


As an aside, I just found the Mundane Monday Challenge on Trablogger’s Site, and I think this pretty well fits in there, while it’s a rather sad photography, it’s also kind of pretty. In a dry way. In a very, very dry way.


So now I’m going to try do my first pingback ever:


Here’s to hoping this worked 😉


As always, critique and advice is greatly appreciated,


I hope everyone else had a slightly more sane Monday than I have.



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