Photo a Day – Day 1 (Officially)

Over the last few days I have started experimenting on what the best method will be for me to take on my Photo a Day challenge for 2016, and the practice has been good, and necessary.


However, now that we are in the birthing breaths of 2016, this is where the fun really starts.


As usual, I am at work again today, making the world a better place, one patient at a time, so inspiration has been rather thin on the ground, however, considering that I am at work most of the time, this is something that I best get used to and learn to live with.


I was sitting outside having a midafternoon cup of tea and a smoke (soon to not be doing that anymore either), when a storm started coming in over Johannesburg. The storm was slowly eating up the sky, and I managed to catch the last bit of sunlight before it was all but devoured, leading to my picture for the day:



I used Snapseed to crop and edit the photograph and to give a bit more definition to the clouds and the sunlight in the picture.

Composition wise, I don’t think I’ve cracked it today, something does seem a little bit off, and I’m not really managing to capture the drama of the sky during a Johannesburg thunderstorm as I would like, so as always, any advice anyone is willing to share is much appreciated.


On the new years note, we had an absolute cracker of a night out, and this will be written about in more detail in my post on Sunday.


With that said, I wish everyone a fabulous 2016 and a prosperous new year, and hoping that all the other people out there embarking on their own 365 challenge a helluva lot of luck, because I have a suspision it will be needed 😉


9 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Day 1 (Officially)

      1. Great! Will start with a lovely rainy day today 😛 I just saw your picture of mt. manganui, I’ve climbed up there myself, pretty nice place where you can get some great shots! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for following my blog, it’s going to be quite a tough one, I’m already struggling a little bit with inspiration, but that’s the point of my blog this year, doing something I like every day and finishing it up!

      I look forward to following your photos as well, it’ll be great having some company 😁

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