Something Old, Something New



As I mentioned in my post last night, my goal for the next year with my blog is to stick with it. What I have found with my personal experience with myself (all 29 years of it), in order for me to stick with things, I need to have some structure in my life.


This means having a set way that things are done and getting into that great, soothing rhythm of doing the same thing the same way every day. I do love it.


So another rule that I would like to add when it comes to my practice at photography, and the blogging thereof is that I am going to attempt to have one old photograph that I like, for whatever reason, and one new photograph, meant to be a practice photo for technique, composition, editing, etc.


The above photo is another one from our trip to New Zealand. Now it may appear that I have never been anywhere but New Zealand, but this is the first time that I have been able to take photos at a reasonable level. All our previous holiday photos have been utterly ghastly in their execution, heads cut off, composition being terrible, naked selfies, bad lighting. The normal errors that any rookie makes.


So this year before we went on holiday, I decided, “No More!”, and found an iPhoneography blog to give me some guidance. So far, I’ve learnt the basics and will be building on this in the new year.


The photo for this post was taken while we were driving through the countryside to Tauranga, and the lush, green rolling hills of the Bay of Plenty had me in raptures. It was absolutely fairytale like in its appearance, and I tried my best to capture some of the drama. Composition wise, I am relatively happy with the photograph, and the editing I think did bring out the drama I was looking for. As always, any critique or comments are greatly appreciated.


On that note, the rest of the day at the office is going to be a count down to home time, as we will be spending an absolutely epic New Years Eve at our local pub in our Complex (for those not from South Africa, a Complex is what you may know as a gated community, just with higher walls, more security and cookie cutter houses). After this we are heading off to a really seedy local gay bar, where we’ll be coming into 2016 surrounded by fabulous drag queens and the local gay community, and a local DJ named DJ Thunderkant.


I will be scouring the office again for some interesting subjects for my practice photo for the day, and hopefully have a better outcome than yesterday.




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