Practicing Macrophotography 

Today was another bit of a struggle to find something worth taking a photo of. For some reason being office bound leaves me with not much time to explore the surroundings for good subjects, so as I got home, I clipped on my Macro Lense and went exploring… All the way to my patio.
I have absolutely no clue what type of bud/berry/plantlife this is, but in the end, it certainly served its purpose. I edited it with Snapseed and went for a dramatic filter… Who ever said that only large things can be dramatic? 

The focus on the thingie is still a bit off, but that comes down largely to my shaky, oversized bear claws that I call hands.
Either way, this is my last post for 2015, onwards and upwards as they say. Wishing everyone a fabulous, safe, happy new year!
And as always, critique and comments are always appreciated.


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