Finding an interesting shot… In a table.

A big part of why I’ve started my blog is to experiment with photography, have some fun and to do something I can stick with.
It’s most certainly a work in progress, and something that is kind of settling is the rules for the photographs I’m taking. Another rule that has found it’s way in is that besides posting a photo a day, I need to do a new photo a day, not just regurgitating old photos that I enjoy.
So today I hit my first big challenge, I had a bit of a photo block of sorts. I fretted, I became anxious and lost focus (no pun intended). I just couldn’t think of what I wanted to take a photo of, and then as I was having my lunch at work, I relaxed and found that the table I was sitting at is a lot more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.
So this is the result:

It’s not my favourite photo by a long shot, but what I like about it is the criss cross design that I had never even noticed before. Technically I don’t think it’s very advanced either, but that will come in time, and I hope that in 100 photos I can really portray the message I want to send.


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