A Day at the Office

My field of work does not allow for a lot of off time. I generally spend Christmas in the office, and I’m in at the moment over the new year dead week.


I don’t mind this, it’s the profession I’ve chosen, and a lot of times it can be a lot of fun. Except today. Today is one of those days where the hour ratio is working out to be about double, e.g. 1 hour = 2 perceived hours.


The other problem I have is that my office doesn’t have a lot of beauty, as offices are won’t to have, and I was very keen on doing a couple of new photos instead of regurgitating old holiday photos. Almost like that family member that everyone has that just can’t stop showing you their photos from the last time at the beach…


However, in a pinch, it might just have to do.




I took this photo, again, on our trip to New Zealand in September. It was just as the sun was starting to get low and we had gone for a walk for some entertainment (as mentioned before, we were travelling on less than a half shoe string budget).


I loved the light in the shot and the tree I think makes it interesting.


And that’s the other thing I wanted to ask, how do you assess or describe what you like in your photo without sounding like you have a tripod stuck up your nether regions? I’m figuring out what I like about my photos thus far, and practicing taking some new one I can really see where I need to work on a few aspects, but my goodness, how do I explain what I’m doing?


Regardless. As always, comments are greatly appreciated, but for the time being, I’m going to scour my office with my iPhone to see if I can find anything resembling beauty and try to do a proper post later on.


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