Practicing Black And White Photography

The picture I’ve featured is another candid photograph of my mother doing what she does best, reading the daily newspaper with my dad in the background doing what he does best, cooking up a storm.

It’s one of my favourite photos of my folks because it gives a sense of what it was like growing up. Once again, I don’t actually know if this is a good photograph, because subjectively the content is what makes this photo one of my favourites.
The next photo was taken at my sister in law’s wedding, and I do like how everything worked together. I’m not sure about the technical merits of the photo, so any comments or critique is as always, greatly appreciated.


As I have one of my very rare off days, I’m hitting town in the middle of a heatwave. Murder will be afoot today. 


6 thoughts on “Practicing Black And White Photography

  1. I believe the reason it looks good is that they are well composed and have a sense of depth and story telling.
    The one with your folks is compelling because, from what my amateur photographer eyes see, is that they tell a story, the lighting is good and pattern of their clothes gives a sense of depth and interest.

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