A Great Climb up Mt. Manganui 

Because when we travel, we travel on the South African Rand, holidays tend to be on a very tight budget. While in New Zealand in September, one New Zealand Dollar cost us approximately R9.20, so something like an ice cream that cost NZD10, worked out to R90, which is what we would pay for an expensive pizza in South Africa!
With this quite constantly in mind, we usually go for the cheapest activities for the day, which usually means climbing things. While on the coast at Tauranga, we hiked up Mt. Manganui to some absolutely stunning ocean views on both sides, and this is where I got my favourite picture for the day.

Again, I love the photo, which I think is completely subjective, but at the same time I enjoyed how everything came together.
As always, any guidance or critique is welcomed and appreciated.


6 thoughts on “A Great Climb up Mt. Manganui 

  1. It’s a lovely photo full of contrasts. I hear you about the exchange rate. 1 USD is about 70 INR right now and it literally burns a hole in my pocket every time I travel international.

    1. Thanks for the comment on the photo 🙂 BF and I are probably going to skip international travel and just do a few trips to Cape Town this year… Either that, or maybe do Thailand as I haven’t been yet.

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