Practicing Macrophotography

For Christmas I got a set of clip on lenses from my partner, and the one lense that has captured my imagination more than any other is the Macro Lense.
Macrophotography is a medium I’m not familiar at all, although photography as a whole is pretty new to me, and as I have the shakiest hands this side of a retirement home, always considered it quite impossible.
However, as the next year is going to be about doing things better, I had to give it a go, so when I spotted a huge stick insect at the office this morning, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity, and that’s how I got the picture below.

I used Snapseed for the editing, and probably over did it, but this is in my mind how big and ominous bugs are. 
Yes, all 6ft4 of me is horrified by bugs, regardless of how harmless or interesting the bug may be.
Again, not sure about the technical aspects, so any advice from the more experienced photographers would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Practicing Macrophotography

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, really appreciated 🙂 The clip on lenses do seem to do the job quite well, and this set cost about $30 for the set, so I’m sure the more expensive sets would do an even better job 😉

    1. It was at 03h00 this morning, so it was certainly surprise… On the whole though, I would say he was a harmless, friendly, peace loving sort of guy 😉

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