Looking Back and Forward – A Roadmap for 2016


It’s that time of year again, a time to look back and assess. A time to think and view the year through that all too accurate retrospect that everyone always talks about.


What can I say about 2015? It was hard? Certainly. It was fun? Without a doubt. It was jam packed? Up to the eyes my friends. But was it a good year? I dare say, yes.



There have been numerous challenges along the way, work being an ever present stress, working in my industry, we really have no quiet time or little cases, but this is something that I’ve become used to over the past five years spent in the emergency medicine fields.


Health has been an issue, not my own, but rather my mother’s. After a big scare in August of this year post a surgical complications, I took the long drive home, facing her mortality down as a travel companion. I can without a doubt say, that was the hardest drive I have ever done, and can only be grateful that things worked out well in the end.


I don’t know what else to say about 2015 except that I am happy it’s over. Loathe as I am to wish my life away, the year was a bit too hard and disorganised to have made me overly fond of it. There were epic things that happened, my partner and I went to Hong Kong and New Zealand on a three week, action packed, hemisphere crossing adventure which I will never forget. It was an absolutely eye opening experience, even if it did take more than 24 hours of flying each way to get there.


So let’s in this case, rather look forward to 2016, the year that I want to change. The year that I want to grow, achieve and become better. A year where I want to have the strength to say no to pizza and yes to running.


So on that note, I believe it may be appropriate to do the ever ubiquitous New Year Resolutions.


I don’t personally believe in resolutions, specifically because I can’t follow them to save my life, so in the past, I haven’t made any. And that may have been my mistake. Maybe I have been viewing resolutions as future obligations that I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to achieve, instead of viewing them as a road map for the next year, so for 2016, I have made a list of resolutions. Which I hope, by the power of Kate Moss and all that is holy, I can work through without ruining myself completely.

So without further ado, I present my goals for 2016:


  1. Find something I’m passionate about and stick with it.
  2. Read two books a month – New books, not rereading old favourites.
  3. Stick to No-TV Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  4. Go running a minimum of three times per week.
  5. Cook more healthy food at home and take more packed lunches to work.
  6. Make more gay friends and forge healthy relationships with the new friends I make.
  7. Save more money and plan finances better every month.
  8. Finish my programme in Business Management.
  9. Tell my partner I love him at least two times a week and make an effort with nice thoughtful gestures.
  10. Talk to my mom and dad at least once a week, even if it is just for ten minutes at a time.
  11. Play Volleyball with the work guys every Wednesday after work.
  12. Speak more Afrikaans with my Afrikaans friends to make sure I don’t lose the language completely.
  13. Have Quiz night at least once a month, preferably twice a month.
  14. Stop smoking at all costs, whether it’s through Champix or any other means necessary.
  15. Celebrate my 30th Birthday with an actual arranged party.
  16. Post a photo on Instagram of something that made me happy every day regardless of how little it may be.
  17. Take more photos in general.
  18. Start a blog to write about my week and debrief in an anonymous place about things that have been good and things that have been bad.
  19. Buy one piece of nice clothing a month, whether it’s a new pair of shoes, new jeans or a new t-shirt and recycle old clothes.
  20. Vote in the municipal elections this year!
  21. Learn to do something with my hands, whether it’s knitting or some carpentry, make something physical this year (that doesn’t just get eaten).
  22. Be more active in the gay community in Johannesburg.
  23. Have date night with my partner at least once a month and make it special and exciting.
  24. Visit more farmers markets.
  25. Be nice to people at work and try to empathise that everyone has a story and might be having an off day or week.
  26. Take more time to listen to music and relax and think a bit.


As you can see, point number 17 is probably the most relevant bit here, and that is to restart a blog. A few years ago, I had a blog on a local blogging site that subsequently closed down. After the close down, I’ve made a couple of attempts at restarting a blog again, but every time I did, it seemed to fall flat.


My plan for this year is to keep my blog going. A minimum of one post a week to write about something that has happened in the said week. Whether this will be an interesting read is debatable. Whether this needs to be adhered to, is not.


The other reason for this blog is to share some photography. I am by no means a good photographer, maybe not even a competent one, but this is the year of action. This is the year of doing things. And photography is going to be one of those things.


To whomever my readers will be, I look forward to sharing my experience for 2016 with you, and hope that your own 2016 will prove to be as rewarding and fulfilling as I intend mine to be.



5 thoughts on “Looking Back and Forward – A Roadmap for 2016

  1. Thanks for these words… 2015 hasn’t been the best year for many of us – leaving it behind and looking to a fabulous 2016. All the best to you!

  2. I vote for resolution 27 to be take photos of street art in South Africa and post it on your blog.
    I hear and understand what was said in the previous 26 resolutions–make no mistake. There is really nowhere to see first hand the street art of SA. In SA you have two of the world’s best street artists.
    Regardless of anything else have a HAPPY New Year!

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